Let's rise up and do something unprecedented!

If you're...

* a take-charge kind of leader

* a guy who wants to make a lasting difference for others

* committed to investing your resources wisely, leveraging your gifts with the gifts of others...

* want to give somewhere that's strategic, well-planned, and excellently executed...

It's time to get on the bus!

We're buying this bus before school is out for summer!









We need a bus!

The biggest factor isn't where you're going or what you're doing... it's WHO you're rolling with...

But, still- you can't go anywhere unless you have a bus!

It's time for us to buy a bus. Together.

You can ride it any time you want- it's your bus.

We'll park it in Ecuador where all the kids from Young Living Academy can use it to get things done, take their lives to the next level, and build on all the great work happening in Chongon every single day.

The Cost?


Can we do it?

Yep. We'll crush it. Look at the graphic below, find out where you fit in, and we'll make it happen together.


There are two ways you can give:

  • First, you can GIVE NOW- just go online to Young Living Foundation's website. The foundation is handling all of the money for this. They've set up a special page for the BUS- YL will know what to do! (You'll see the various giving amounts on that page, too.)
  • Second, you can fax or email the attached PDF form to YL Foundation (instructions on form). This is perfect if you want to use a commission deduction for the gift.  


*Slideshow- the bus.006

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